Rolling Road Tuning for power and fuel efficiency
I have tuning experience with, FAST,FuelTech,Emerald, ME Motor Sport Electronics,Canems, Omex,Link,MS,Big Stuff-3,Motec,DTA, standalone engine Management ecu's and work with Ecutek , HPtuners , EFI Live , SCT to reflash Subaru's, Monaro's and US market Chevrolets and Fords.
I also have 20years experience working with most carburetors including Holley,SU,Edelbrock,Weber,Rochester,Carter.
These are some of the reasons I think why people make 400+miles round trips driving past many other rolling road shops to come to me.
Other rolling road shops say they can do the big power cars, well I build some of the most powerful cars in Europe so I know how to do the big power cars and won't be experimenting on your car.
Pricing starts at £100.00+vat per/hr but most mapping work is on a fix quoted price contact me
1100+rwhp=7.68 193mph
Genuine 289ci 1965 GT40
JSRC 600hp Custom map
JSRC megasquirt tuned, 618whp 2L red top
1100+hp 10sec 1/4mile 4x4 truck
BMW V10 JSRC mapped DTA
HPTuners 540rwhp LS1
2.8 Millington JSRC DTA mapped
JSRC HPTuners remapped
Tune with MegaSquirt®
Omex tuned JSRC
JSRC Emerald mapped
MX5 1950cc 325whp
Omex tuned JSRC
LS1 V8
LS3 tuned using HPTuners
  200hp with JSRC Emerald
JSRC LS2 mapped
JSRC Emerald mapped