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Welcome to the John Sleath Race Cars web site.
If it's for the Street or the Track there is no need to go anywhere else for your Chassis,Engine,Transmission or rolling road work
This is my Dyno Dynamics 2400hp 4x4 rolling road, for booking and price info please contact me
I'm not only a very experienced carburetor tuner but also have experience with many stand alone ECU's
and using the latest in Lambda and detonation sensing technology I will be able to help you with all your tuning needs
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My Land and Sea engine dyno has the reputation of being able to handle serious horse power. I have done up to now 1700hp and 1600ft/lb of torque with ease, This is the real deal a very complex and professional tool for evaluating and tuning just about any engine you can think of. contact me

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Lazer wheel alignment,Fuel injection Rolling Road,crank balancing,engine building,transmission building,cylinder boring,engine honing,rod resizing, rollcage fabrication, Carburetor Rolling Road tuning ,ladder bar and 4 link conversions, cylinder head skimming, cylinder block decking,SCT Rolling Road tuning,automotive wiring, remapping, carb tuning,HPTuners Rolling Road,Engine Dyno