I'm the UK distributor for Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST) Electronic fuel injection. It is part of the Comp Cams group of companies and it is quite simply one of the most advanced and easy to use aftermarket fully mappable fuel and ignition control ECU you can buy.
This is the first of a tutorial series I plan on doing with the FAST XFI system.
Simply put the fastest cars in the world run Fuel Air Spark Technology fuel injection systems, and thats a fact.
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All new XFI
The all new XFI is the only EFI system you will ever need , price for the full kit including wideband 02, map,air temp,water sensors,full loom and software, starting at £1670 +vat. more info here
If you are looking for even more of an advantage over your none FAST XFI competitor you could go for the XFI with Intelligent Traction Control, with it's patent pending technology it's simply the best drag racing traction control you can buy.
And with all FAST products it does not carry a crazy price tag,or tricks you into buying it then stings you for rip off priced upgrades,
£2250+vat gets you everything you need, Traction control ECU with built in data logger,looms,wideband O2,map,air,water temp sensors,software and traction control sensors

The perfect match for your XFI box a duel pickup distributor, that means no more crank trigger to get full sequential fuel injection and from only £265.00+vat(SB/BBC Chevy) alot cheaper
Tall BB Chevy £310+vat
Small block Ford £270+vat
351 Windsor Ford £270+vat
383/400 B Mopar £299+vat
440-426 RB mopar £299+vat

FAST Billet 92mm throttle body,comes with tps. This thing is big with a 4 bolt fitting on the back and 4in(100mm) fitting for silicone hose on the front, £395+vat

Manifold Elbows
These are the perfict match for the FAST 92mm throttle to any 4150 manifold, I keep 90,100 and 110deg in stock £160+vat

FAST Billet 4150 throttle body with TPS and air idle control £420+vat

FAST Wideband duel 02 sensor £365.00+vat more info here
Or the all new analogue air fuel gauge made to fit a 2 1/6 dash hole, £169+vat

I stock most sizes of fuel injectors and always have:-

36lb/hr set of 8 £310+vat

42lb/hr set of 8 £510+vat

65lb/hrs set of 8 £390+vat

83lb/hr set of 8 £425+vat

95lb/hr set of 8 £490+vat

160lb/hr set of 8 £495+vat

FAST/TCI transmission controller for 4l60E/4l80E, total stand alone control of your auto gearbox, £450.00+vat

On this 572ci tall deck BBC there was just enough room under the 8-71 blower to fit the larger fuel injectors and rails

16 injector manifold for a Twinturbo 572ci Big block Checy
I also retro fit on to existing fuel injection cars, giving you full control over your engine, this means no more chip changes
This is Tony Cox's manifold which is destined for his 540ci Big Chevy, I used -10 fuel rail to cater for the Pro-Charger setup planned for the future
Fuel injection is not cheap, but for street driven cars you can not beat it, ask Nigel Parkin with the Jag, 20miles per gallon and 9.6@141 in full street trim including treads
And here it is in and working

For more info on fuel injection e/mail John Sleath