click here for last years work for Shaun
Shaun Murphy's Ultima GTR
The car is now finished, click here for full video
Those are 2 water to air intercoolers mounted on the bulk heads they are fed from the turbos by two 21/2in pipes, the water radiator is mounted where the air con rad used to be
I've now finished this part of the work, I will be rebuilding the engine with low comp pistons and my choice of cam, then it's dyno time.
The engine is now dynoed and ready to fit back in the car click here for a full dyno report of the 850hp and 900ft/lb engine
Click here for dyno info
Now with much more power we needed more clutch
This is a AP triple plate setup which will handle the 900ft/lb of torque
The engine is now back in the car and running, believe it or not the clutch feels much better than the stock Ultima item and not much more expensive and will not slip, I just need to fit the clam shell and make the rest of the exhaust and air filter set up.