I found drag racing back in the early nineties and was hooked.It seemed to be the perfect way to race a car you love and not worry about some one running into you at the first corner.
All the cars I've raced have been self built starting with my Rover V8 powered Alfa Romeo which was running in the 11 second at well over 120mph on 195/60/15 tyres and was driven to the track

.Track record.

Uk street racer champion 1996,98,99,2001,2002. this is an annual event and has been running for over 25 years.

Northern street car                        challenge unbeaten from 97 to year 2000 when I stopped competing in the event.

Street Machine Magazine Overall champion for year 2000.

Custom car Magazine     Street Eliminator    Overall champion for 2000 and runner up in 2001

2004 First Street legal car to break the 180mph

2005 First street legal car to break into the 8 zero's

2006 First street legal car to run a 7second pass on treaded tyre's in Europe

2009 First Street Eliminator car to run in the 7.6'S,

Yes that is 4 Webber 45 side drafts on that 4.0L Rover V8 + 280hp of Nitrous oxide

Both cars at Yorkdrag way
After the Alfa had gone as far as it could go, I started from scratch with a Saab 900. It started with a basic 427ci big block Chevy and Holley carb and after 5 years of on going hard work and development it had an all alloy Pro charged 508ci with fuel injection, running on 10" tyres. The best time it managed over the 1/4 mile was 8.71sec @ 160mph. It was street legal all of it's life !!
Does this look like an 11 second car?
very early days
Even though I won every street racer event worth winning in the UK with the Saab there came a time when it's 3600lb weight mean't I could not keep a gearbox in it for more than 15 passes which got boring as you can imagine.A new car was needed.This time it was a genuine 1985 Audi Quattro which I cut up
This car was so much fun

This car went 8.69 but after an oil line burst it also went into the wall at 130mph

This car has done everything I ever wanted ,

The first street legal car to run 180mph on pump gas The first street legal car to break into the 7 second bracket infull street legal trim,(treads and pump gas)