Proper engine tuning is vital to achieving maximum performance and avoiding costly component failures. Until now digital air/fuel meters have only offered single sensor measuring capability. This meant engine tuners were only able to monitor the air/fuel ratio in one side of the engine, while being left to play a guessing game with the other engine bank. Now there is a way to eliminate the unknown, allowing you to tune with confidence and complete accuracy.

FAST™ has developed an easy to use Dual or Single Sensor Air/Fuel Meter that delivers the complete story about your engine’s tuning. you will now have the same technology that tuners have, and the power to read two wide-band O2 sensors individually or average them together for super accurate readings of the engine’s true air/fuel ratio

Stop guessing and start tuning for additional horsepower
and reliability with the FAST™ Dual Sensor Air/Fuel Meter
FAST™ Wide-Band Dual Sensor Air/Fuel Meter
Beyond the innovative dual sensor capability, the FAST™ Dual Sensor Air/Fuel Meter delivers all the features that tuners have come to expect, plus several enhanced capabilities, in the easiest to use format of any digital air/fuel meter ever developed. One such feature is built-in data logging capability that plays back recorded information on a lighted, full graphical display screen, unlike other units that require downloading to a computer. Additional standard features include outputs for external data loggers, digital gauges, as well as a narrow-band simulator function that allows you to feed your engine’s computer a factory signal while using the wide-band sensor for air/fuel measurement.

FAST™ Dual Sensor Air/Fuel Meter Feature

Dual wide-band O2 sensors measure air/fuel ratio in both engine banks simultaneously or average them together for precise tuning of carburetor jetting or EFI profiles

Features include built-in data logger with on-screen playback (no laptop required), outputs for external data loggers & digital gauges and a narrow-band simulator function

Affordably priced single sensor version can be easily upgraded to dual sensor unit; features field-flashable capability for downloading future updates

Built-in calibration and quick start-up deliver A/F readings in under a minute; kit comes complete with everything needed

Lighted, full graphical display makes it the easiest to use unit available; perfect for race, street and dyno-cell applications