Tuning an aftermarket EFI unit has traditionally been an intimidating proposition. Now, thanks to FAST™’s new XFI™ Electronic Fuel Injection System, you can enjoy the benefits of the industry’s most advanced EFI technology in a compact, easy-to-use package. The product of over three years of intensive research and development, the XFI™ represents revolutionary advances in several key areas:


To make a better system you first have to start with the hardware. The XFI™ uses the latest in flash microprocessor technology to deliver a significant increase in processing speed. This means the XFI™ can process, analyze and adjust four times faster than previous EFI systems. Additionally, a surface-mounted circuit board and billet ECU enclosure give the XFI™ superior durability. And to simplify installation, each unit comes with an engine-specific XFI™ wiring harness featuring clearly labeled connections.


FAST™’s original C-COM™ software was widely hailed as a breakthrough in the area of user friendliness. The XFI™’s Windowsbased software is built upon its predecessor’s easily navigable user interface, but incorporates several previously unavailable features. One such feature is the Tuning Wizard™, a built-in program designed to assist you, through the tuning process. And the XFI™’s “field flashable” capability means you can download the latest software updates via e-mail, or directly from the FAST™ website. Stay current without ever removing the XFI™ from your vehicle.


Designed for in-car tuning without a laptop, the XFI™ features Qwik Tune™ technology that allows you to choose from among four levels of tuning at the flip of a dash-mounted switch. Optimize one setting for everyday driving, others for racing conditions, and still another for improved fuel economy. Other new features include on-board diagnostics; EZ Test™ indicator lights; four- and five-bar MAP sensing; and controls for your power adder, torque converter, and air-conditioning compressor. The XFI™ also offers enhanced data logging capabilities and memory for analyzing fuel pressure, oil pressure, and exhaust gas readings.

Whether you’re a novice tuner or a seasoned pro, the FAST™ XFI™’s unrivaled power, ease of use, and industry-leading technical

support make it an unbeatable choice for your next high-performance engine project.


• Built-in Wideband O2

• Fully sequential and/or bank to bank

• Individual cylinder correction

• Fan and fuel pump control

• Dynamic scaling of both MAP and RPM for each 3D table

• Scaleable TPS and MAP calibrations

• 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 bar MAP now available

• Spare user defineable inputs/outputs or miscellaneous functions such as:

• Shift light output

• Auxiliary fan control

• Exhaust gas temperatures

• Torque converter lockup

• Air conditioning idle bump-up

• Air conditioning wide open throttle cutout

• Boost control

• Enhanced 4 stage power adder controls

• Multiple calibrations stored in ECU w/switching capability

• L key function for easy steady-state table correction using wideband O2

• On-board diagnostics

• Fuel and Oil pressure logging

• Adjustable injector timing

• Adjustable O2 signal filter

• Multiple ignition strategies such as: