Engine combo's dyno proven
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All the engine combo's on this page were dynoed using Shell V power petrol unless stated otherwise
My own 508ci Chevy
Click here for 1550hp video clip
This is my own 508ci Chevy, there is not really anything special in the engine just good pistons and rods,CNC AFR heads with inconel valves, a .700 lift roller cam, the key to the power is the Holset 82mm turbo's and the FAST management and of course the most import thing is the tune.The radiator you can see in the photo is for the intercooler and represents just as it will be in the car, again I only used shell V power no octane booster needed

Jon Hollingworth's twin turbo Big Block Ford
Jon's engine made 1400hp and 1350ft/lb with only 22psi of boost,the cam spec on this are .580 lift 242 and 252 @ .050 lift and 114lobe centre, its a flat tappet hydraulic cam,it has A460 heads, Scat steel crank,Howard billet rods all making 501ci,as I was taking the engine of the dyno I thought it would be a good idea to see what it made without the turbo's fitted, as you can see from the graph below it made 507hp so that means the turbo's are worth 900hp
How many times have you seen this, same engine with and without turbo's

489ci Jensen FF
Here we have Paul Strange just after seeing his 489ci Jenson(chrysler) run on the dyno,it started life as a stock 383ci, but I over bored it by .030in and replaced the stock crank,rods and pistons to get a stroke of 4.25 and a very nice 9.75 to 1 comp, Edelbrock heads,850cfm carb and a very mild cam(480lift 230@.050, 109lobe) were also used

496ci Jensen Interceptor
Vic Sehdeva has just seen his 496ci RB engine run on the dyno and make 552hp and 600ft/lb ,This engine is a little bit special it started as a stock 440ci I stroked and bored it to 496ci, it's Edelbrock cylinder heads got quite a lot of work to help flow,mix them with 11.2 to 1 comp and .521/.551 lift and 242/252 deg duration on a 109 lobe center cam, all topped off with a 1000cfm throttle body and FAST fuel injection

Blown 400ci Chevy of Andy Hadfield
This is a great little engine of Andy's, power all the way up to 7000+rpm, it's a Dart block,JE blower piston(8.5/1), Dart fully ported Pro 1 heads,JSRC custom roller cam with around .660 lift 270deg at .050 cam,Eagle rods/crank
It's fitted with 2 Edelbrock 1405 600cfm carbs,I found the engine made good power with (don't say I never give you anything), 1.03 jets up front and 73/37 needles and 1.04 in the back thats a 15% increase over stock jetting and 35deg total ignition timing Click here for 966hp video clip
and now with a 200hp shot of N2O, as you can see from the graph we got every bit of that, the engine now made 966hp

This engine was built on a tight budget, I used stock iron heads with just a basic port clean up, 10.9 to 1comp, stock 4 bolt main block, Edelbrock manifold and a 1050cfm Holley dominator, the key to the power is the Howard cams solid roller cam 270/278 deg @.050 and .702 of valve lift, the engine ticks over at 900rpm but may be a bit wild for a true street car
Big Block Chevy 468ci of Bill Finnigan
Over 655hp from a iron headed BBC

Small Block Chevy 400ci of Shaun Murphy This engine is based on a Dart little M block with AFR cnc heads,a large hyd roller cam,and FAST fuel injection, it runs 11.1 to 1 comp and all steel bottom engine, as you can see it makes very good streetable power.
Over 539hp of Small block power
Here we have the same engine but one year on, now with twin turbos,custom ground cam to my spec,still with FAST fuel injection and now 72lb injectors
As you can see the engine made a easy 850hp and 900ft/lb, for more info click here to see the full video and click here to see full build up and install of this engine into Shaun's Ultima GTR

David Smiths 427ci Ford Windsor

4.125 bore Ford Dart block,4" stroke crank

Canfield heads with 58cc cnc chambers,

small hydraulic cam,

Pro-form 950 carb

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