Engine combo's dyno proven
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All the engine combo's on this page were dynoed using Shell V power petrol unless stated otherwise
Chad's 540ci F1 stock car engine
Chad's F1 stock car engine was in for a full refreshen and engine dyno, I first build this engine around 6 years ago after Chad acquired the car it was fitted in he thought it was time to check the engine over.

Simon Parker's 440ci Small Block Chevy

When Simon wanted to upgrade from the 383ci engine I build for him some years ago the stage was set for a interesting project, Simon's goals were it must run on pump fuel and no big blocks.

So we used a Dart Iron Eagle block and a crank, rod and piston combo which gave 440ci, Dart 18deg cnc ported heads, Jesel Pro series rocker gear,Jesel Belt drive, JSRC custom cam and a 1000cfm 4150 type carb. As you can see from the dyno info with 35deg of time the engine made 718hp.

Tim Wright 512ci Mopar
Tim engine was in for head porting a 512ci stroker kit fitting and dynoing, I reused most of his original parts including the solid flat camshaft.

Jeff's Blown 350ci SBC
Jeff gave me his blown 350ci small block Chevy on the hunt for more power, I worked on the heads a little and fitted a JSRC's large flat camshaft

David's 408ci SBF David's 351w Ford was in for a 408ci stroker kit fitting, this is out of his Cobra so good low power was needed.

Martin Green BBC Twin Turbo
This is Martin's new 540ci twinturbo engine, after building I dyno'ed it with a 850cfm Holley carb on Shell V power just to bed all the parts in, as you can see it made great power,in the car it will run on FAST fuel injection and Methanol.

James Brown 440 Six Pack Mopar
I removed the motor from the car, fully rebuilt it, new pistons,cam,440 Source heads,rebalance,ect

Dean Bradshaw's Blown SBC
I build Dean's engine for him after he had been collecting parts for years, I selected the cam, bored the block and balanced the crank.

Giles LS1 motors
I built this LS1 engine for Giles,converting it to run on a Holley 750cfm carb, I spec'ed and fitted a Thumper cam from Comp Cams, other than that it's mostly all stock.
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