Engine combo's dyno proven
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All the engine combo's on this page were dynoed using Shell V power petrol unless stated otherwise
Dave Bailey's 557ci Big Block Mopar

Dave brought his engine to me for a full freshen up including, new GRP rods,Piston rings, bearings, and I spec'ed him a new cam,lifter and tripple spring combo to try to find him a little more power, this engine was dyno'ed on C12 VP race fuel.

Cool Video here

Andy Hadfields Blown BBC

When Andy wanted to test his new 600ci blown Chevy he knew there was only one place in the UK to take it,

I not only set-up the base engine to make 1100hp I also set-up the Nitrous as well giving a total of 1528hp and over 1500ft/lb,this engine was tuned on C16 VP race fuel.
No gas
With 400hp Nitrous shot

Andrew Parks SBF 347ci
I worked with Andrew to get the engine combo that suited his needs, I used a Dart block as the base using a 4.125in bore and 3.25in stroke to get the 347ci, using custom Ross pistons, steels crank, H beam rods, custom hyd roller cam, Andrew already had Dart CNC heads and the small supercharger, the plan was to run more boost on the dyno but we ran into belt problem's when trying to use the smaller top pulley, but still 580hp with 6psi shows alot of promise.
Video here

James 489ci Big Block Chevy
James wanted to step up the power in his 67 Vette, nothing major but a good strong value for money engine, I used his 4bolt main block and Alloy Corvette heads, I built a 489ci engine using a 4.25in stroke steel crank, RPM H beam rods,Forged 10.5 to 1cr piston,a Comp Cams Hyd flat cam with .550 lift, the engine made 518hp and 576ft/lb

Ivan Jones 427ci Twin turbo LS1
I built this engine, made all the manifolds ,setup and dynoed the complete package, I use FAST fuel injection, This engine is for Ivan 6000lb Silverado pickup truck so strong mid range and fast spool up was at the top of the list, that's why I used twin GT35R turbochargers.

Pez's 327ci Small Block Chevy
Pez had been collecting parts for year to build the new engine for his hotrod, he delivered the parts I finished the machine work,built and dynoed the engine.

Chris's 355ci Small Block Chevy
When Chris wanted his 355ci engine respec'ing and rebuilding, I was more than happy to help, when it came to dyno'ing the engine Chris had giving me a 1050 Holley Dominator to try on the engine, I started off with a 850cfm Holley to get the engine running and bedded in, after fitting the Dominator it made 20hp more, which I was more than surprised about
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