Engine combo's dyno proven
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All the engine combo's on this page were dynoed using Shell V power petrol unless stated otherwise
This Big Block Chevy 454ci engine was built for a Corvette with a 4 speed manual fitted, it has Alloy Patriot heads, Comp Cams beehive springs,10.3 to 1 comp,the build was aimed at drivability and not max power so I fitted a Comp Cams Hydraulic roller 11-430-8 cam, as you can see a easy 500+hp over 530ft/lb of torque

David Newby's 383ci Jensen

I was very proud to be the 1st choice for the chairman of the Jensen owners club of Great Britain, when he needed the engine in his FF Jensen fully rebuilding. He did give me a free hand with the engine spec,but we had to keep the factory intake manifold for clearance reasons,

The build was based on David's original block,steel crank and rods,KB pistons were used, a mild cam with 230deg at .050 and .480 lift on a 109 lobe, I did fit 440 source alloy heads as when painted you can not tell the difference from the iron heads.
I got the results I wanted, a very flat torque curve over 400ft/lb and 370+hp at just under 5500rpm,

Martyn Willis's 572ci BBC

Martyn's engine is based on a Dart Big M block with 4.5in stroke and 4.5in bore, it has 10.5/1 comp, AFR 357cc cnc heads,Comp Cams 11-740-9 with Comp 947 springs,40deg of timing and AFR's in the mid 12's, the engine made 773hp but the 1050cfm Dominator was holding it back some what.

Martin Curbishley 468ci super comp motor
Martin's methanol motor was in for a full freshen up having broken a lifter at the end of last year,other than the lifter damage the rest of the motor was in great condition after 3 years racing without a strip down, Martin asked for a little more power so I stepped up on cam size choosing a Comp 11-736-9, when it came to dynoing the engine I picked up over 30hp with just jet changes, timing was 37deg total

Andrew Arnold's twinturbo LS1 engine
This LS1 engine is based on a GM LXS block,Oliver rods,Callis crank,Forged turbo pistons,All Pro cnc ported heads, FAST xfi/xim engine managment, the engine made 1206hp and 1170ft/lb click here for the video.
You can follow the Monaro build here

Martin Green's number 2 engine
Video here
This is Martin's spare engine,all standard GM 502ci parts,built and balanced buy me,I ported the iron heads and spec'ed the custom solid roller cam for it with .750 lift and 280degs @.050 lift, as you can see the engine made an easy 920hp with 33deg of timing on pump fuel,

Deborah Laugher BBC 470ci
Deborah's engine was back in for a freshern up after 2 years of Pro-ET action, last time it made just over 680hp on c12 race fuel, This time we moved the engine on to Methanol using a Ron's flying toilet, we kept the same crank,rods,piston, I did some small port work to the heads and changed to a Comp Cams 11-736-9 using Comp 947 springs. now it made 738hp.
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