Engine combo's dyno proven
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All the engine combo's on this page were dynoed using Shell V power petrol unless stated otherwise
Mark Todd's new 1421hp small block
Mark's engine came in for a big upgrade and to go to the next level in performance, so Brodix 18X heads were used with raised intake and raised spread exhaust ports. I had another solid roller cam ground to my specs, I cut and shut Marks original intake manifold to make it fit,and the key to the whole deal was the upgrade to FAST XFI engine management, 160lb/hr injectors, Garret Turbos and Tial wastegates finished it all off
This run had 25psi of boost 1421hp
This run had 6psi of boost 759hp
Click here for Video

1680hp Twin Turbo Chevy
Paul and Ian's Big Block Chevy has had one of my full turbo deals, you can see more info on the car and fabrication work here , It's a Dart blocked 555ci with Brodix -2 heads one of my roller turbo cams , Holset turbo's and the FAST XFI
For full video of dyno work and 1680hp power pulls please click here

Big Al's 540ci ProCharged Chevy
Al brought his Pro-Charged 540ci to me for a freshen up and full dyno and mapping session of his FAST fuel injection,
Spec's on this engine are, Dart Pro1 ,solid roller cam with .700 lift, F2 ProCharger, FAST efi, 13psi of boost=1100hp+ on pump fuel

Carl Wilkinson's small block Ford single turbo 331ci
Carl brought his new dart block 331ci single turbo small block Ford to me for fast fuel injection upgrade, new intake manifold, running in and mapping ready to go back into his Fox body Mustang,the engine made very good torque but the power starts to drop off because of it's small camshaft.

Simon Parker's 383ci Chevy
I built this engine for Simon, based on a stock GM 4 bolt block, Hand Ported Edelbrock RPM Performer heads, JE 12/1 piston on 6" rods and Steel 3.75 stroke crank, cam is a Comp Cams 12-902-9 with 260/262 @.050 and .630 lift, I also ran split ratio rockers 1.6in/1.5ex, also topped off with Holley HP carb and single plane manifold , 537hp and over 500ft/lb

Gordon Northway's 555ci Chevy
I built Gordon's new engine using a GM Bowtie block,steel crank,H beam rods,custom 11 to 1 Ross forged pistons, RHS out of the box 360cc heads,Hamburger sump,1050 Holley, .714 lift roller cam
as you can see 700ft/lb and 750hp all on pump fuel

Jonathan Gibson's 454ci Chevy
When Jonathan asked me to spec and build him an engine for his manuel El Camino I wanted to keep a flat torque curve but still make lots of power, parts used were GM steel 4in stroke crank, KB pistons, RHS 320cc heads, solid flat tappet cam with .550 lift and 250/260degs at 0.050 lift and 112 lobe centre, ProForm 950cfm carb.
Watch the video here
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