Engine combo's dyno proven
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All the engine combo's on this page were dynoed using Shell V power petrol unless stated otherwise
  Mark Needhams Blown Methonal 468 Chevy
Mark is an experienced methonal engine builder and tuner so we worked together paying close attention to exhaust temps and lambda readings,The 1150hp from the stock blocked Chevy will really liven up that Nostalga Altered Mark races

Kevin's Ford 302ci small block
This has to be one of the most powerful Ford 302 (stock block,crank and rods) engines in the country, Kevin used to run with N2O but fitted a Pro-Charger over the winter, but it blew a head gasket, I've completely freshened the engine fitting Cometic head gaskets,opening up the combustion chambers on the World cylinder heads, and having a Large roller cam ground to my specs,when I started to dyno it, it was clear the engine wanted more fuel the carb had 72 primary and 81 secondries, when I'd finished it had 78 primaries and 91 secondries and made 647hp at 6500rpm, as you can see from the graph the power is still going up but this is a stock block which are prone to break at power levels over 500hp(not good)
Click here for video of a 647hp pull, unfortunately on this pull the belt came off but not until the pull was over, the belt must have warmed up slightly and stretched..

Lee Taylors 454ci Blown Chevy
I built this engine for Lee knowing he want a strong street strip engine, and with 630hp and a very flat torgue should do all he wants, 4 bolt block ,sheel crank,Hyd cam, Weiand 256 Supercharger, KB pistons, make it all work
Click here for video of a 630hp pull

540ci Twin Turbo BBC
Here we have Nigel Parkin's Twin Turbo Big Block Chevy, I spec'ed, built,dynoed and tuned this 540ci with Dart block,Canfield heads, my spec of small street solid roller cam,the engine has perfect boost control right through the rev range, 6psi boost a 3500rpm is still 6psi boost a 7000rpm, we went to 20psi of boost with a very safe tune and made 1462hp at just over 6000rpm on pump petrol.
The engine ticks over at 700rpm just like your daily driver even with 160lb/hr injectors and 40psi static fuel pressure, what makes this possible is the FAST fuel injection,I still wonder why anybody would run anything else but FAST
Click here for video of 1460hp pull

Kev Prestons 427SBC with F1-R Procharger
This engine is based on a Dart Iron Eagle block and Dart Pro 1 heads,solid roller cam and FAST fuel injection,myself and Kev felt we worked really hard to get the 780hp out of this engine,but with any supercharger we needed more pulleys to make the boost to make power, and we had pulleys to make 14.8psi =780hp,

496ci Big Block Mopar
This engine is being fitted in a C body Chrysler, so torque is top of the list, I used all forged internals, 440 source ali cylinder heads and a very mild cam, topped with a duel plane manifold and a Holley carb,
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