Engine combo's dyno proven
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All the engine combo's on this page were dynoed using Shell V power petrol unless stated otherwise
Jeff Meads 565ci Chevy
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This is one very serious engine and is the current normally aspirated record holder,CNC ported AFR heads,.850 lift cam, worked Holley Dominator carb. The engine was half built in the states and finished by Jeff, He hoped it would do 850hp and with some fine tuning we got there.I would like to thank Jeff for trusting me with his big budget engine and look foward to working with him again

Pete Youhill 582ci Chevy crate motor
Pete brought his new 582ci crate engine to me already with a 825hp dyno sheet, with a bit of work we got 768hp on my dyno, The engine ran very well and did everything it should and I would say when it has bedded in a bit more will get close to the supplied dyno sheet

Ross Thornhill stroker Big Block Chevy
I built Ross this engine using his Brodix lite cylinder heads and manifold, it's got 10.5 to1 comp a 1/4 stroke crank, a mild Howards hydraulic cam 540lift and 236/240 @ 0.050 on a 112 intake , with 520hp and 550ft/lb this will transform his Big Block Corvette and I think he will need a clutch upgrade to that 4 speed.

Mark Todd's old 1000hp small block chevy
For Mark's new 1400+hp engine please click here
Mark Todds 400ci small block,I built this engine last year but with a hydraulic cam and his Pontiac ran 9.50 at 145mph, for this year I've moved to a roller cam,billet rods, inconel valves,turned the boost up to 20psi as with all my engines it's fitted with FAST fuel injection. This is one of those engines, I've done it ,got the tee shirt why take the chance going somewhere else.

Richard Nugent's 632ci Chevy
When Richard decided to step up his game he wanted the ultimate street engine package and with the help of friend and fellow Surrey Muscle member Roger Luty Richard started collecting parts. They used a Merlin 3 block 4.6 bore with flat top pistons,Dart 355CNC heads, solid roller cam with .750 lift, steel crank with 4.75 stroke and topped with a 1150cfm dominator, This engine made a bag of torque and HP with its 10 to 1 comp but still ticked over at 850rpm, I feel honoured to be the dyno shop of choice for Richard and Roger and look forward to working with them again.

Ian Johnson's 421ci small block Chevy
For Ian's new engine I used a Dart cnc little M block with 4.155 bore filled with Ross flat top pistons, 3.875 stroke steel crank and H beam rods finish of the bottom end. On the dyno the engine ticked over at 850rpm and made 553hp at just over 6000rpm. The heads are Brodix and came off Ians old engine they just needed a light skim and new exhaust valves. The Nova ran 10.9's last year running on race fuel so we will see how this pump fuel engine does against a big compression race fuel motor later this year, watch this place.

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