My 2200hp in-house engine dyno is a land and sea engine dynamometer it complements my rolling road perfectly, with the engine dyno we get so much more actual engine data eg. fuel flow and pressure,air flow,exhaust temps,engine knock,air/fuel lambda and air temp all which are data logged.

I have headers and adapters to do most V8 engines,
Unlike most engine dyno's the land and sea has no problem with Nitrous Oxide even large amounts so we can truly test your engine as it will be raced.
Prices start at £350 plus vat and fuel a day, to get a Chevy v8 on the dyno takes 1.5hr so it leaves you a lot of time to make changes, in the past I've changed heads and cam in the day and still had time to fully tune the engine
Click here for a full list of Dyno proven engine combinations
Just a note about Engine Dynamometers
In an ideal world all dyno's would read the same, but the truth is companies can calibrate the dyno to read just about any numbers they want buy using raw load settings,weather and friction correction settings,
Just remember a dyno is a tuning tool, as I know of we don't race dyno's

Here we have two dyno sheets, both from the same 632ci crate engine,one sheet is from the builder/supplier and one from me, the fuel flow tells the true story as it reads the same on both sheets, this engine is still one of the most powerful N/A engine I've had on my dyno, so whether it's 1004hp or 898hp this is one powerful engine and will be just as fast at the drag strip whichever dyno sheet you want to believe.